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Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Bill Poser

Do you understand why Judge McDonald thinks that she has the authority to issue such an injunction? Has she got an unusual legal theory? Is she ignorant of the First Amendment jurisprudence?


Why are you not seeking a writ of superintending control? This situation is so obviously wrong I cannot believe that the Michigan Supreme Court would not issue a writ to stop the enforcement of what is a plainly unconstitutional injunction.

Paul Levy

It is our policy not to remove comments based on disagreement with what they say, but I believe Zeinab has overstepped the bounds of propriety by charging Judge Macdonald with being "corrupt." We think she is wrong, seriously wrong, but judges should not be charged with corruption just because one does not like their rulings.


That judge has been corrupt before. It's well known. I just wish it wasn't so hard to show true justice in this country of all countries. What a shame that Moughni has to be bullied by a Judge of all people. Completely unjust. Our 'justice' system disgusts me.

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