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Monday, November 25, 2013



I see 16 December was the deadline for Kleargear's response.
Is there any update (if it is possible to provide it)?


For some reason, the statute does not appear to allow a private cause of action under 1691s-2(a), which would have been the more obvious path. Based on the facts stated in the letter, it seems certain that Kleargear knew that their reports were untruthful.

Thanks, Pub Cit, for taking on a case that clearly needs to be taken. Probably the rest of us come out better if Kleargear determines to fight, since we might get some case law out of it. We'll also get a good example, what I like to think of as ``heads on pikes'' to warn other potential bandits.


Thank you Public Citizen!

James Macpherson

Great work! With all the negative media reports, I can't see KlearGear surviving this debacle - which should serve as the perfect warning to other companies attempting to enforce a “non-disparagement clause.”

M Jackson

When did freedom of speech have such a HIGH PRICE TAG on your thoughts and opinions of that particular company? I would gather a petition for those to sign and send to White House; city officials and anyone else that could help me turn this around for someone.
I pray that the Palmer's be blessed with 1/2 million or million dollar lawsuit and win so that they can make example out of Kleargear and anyone that wants to follow in their lane. Silly retailers 'TRICKS ARE FOR KIDS"

Anton Sherwood

The third demand ought to include "nor assert any claim based on such clause in past versions of the Terms of Use".


The greatest part of me wants to see this resolved for the Palmers as quickly as possible.

Then there's this small vindictive part of me that wants to see this go to trial so that PC can thoroughly curb-stomp these KlearGear clowns into legal oblivion.

John Palmer

I approve of this action :)

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