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Thursday, September 11, 2014



Someone who is doing well would never write such a petty email. Makes me think of the poor sap who finally thinks of a good comeback to the girl who dumped him in high school, and it's been so long she doesn't even remember who he is.

It sounds like this has been haunting Sprinkle for the past decade. I mean I get it, we all have hopes for a bright career and he made a name for himself as a failure. The passing years have probably showed him how unlikely it is that he will ever do anything to redefine his career and take that away.

It's more sad than anything.

Bill B.

That's definitely borderline unethical. Even further, what good does it do to have an attorney who annoys the other side if that attorney ultimately loses? I believe the entire letter is a misrepresentation and a petty way to take one final swipe. If he had really done so well, why would he still be at a small IP firm? I don't believe anything he says -- except his hope that it cost Mr. Mishkoff a lot of money.


TaubmanSucks.com is a hard read (the briefs), but if you can digest it just a little bit, it will give great satisfaction that the little guy won out. It will show you just how high and mighty some lawyers and judges think of themselves. I thank Paul for being an anti-stereo-typical lawyer and representing Hank.

Sprinkle is a douche plain and simple.

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