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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Josephine Harrison

Forced arbitration is a way to use fine print to cheat the consumer and steal the consumers rights...

Ken Franklin

The politicians who support this extortion should be publicized and publicly shamed for allowing and even encouraging this mob-style loan sharking that exploits the same people that they shame and villify for needing the meager public safety net programs designed to prevent the poor from having to use these "loan" services in the first place. When did our country become so mean and heartless that we allow this blatant exploitation to be legal? Instead of offering a hand up to the unlucky and disadvantaged who are struggling to get on level ground we now kick them in the teeth and throw them in debtors prison if they fall too far behind! Sad and disgusting.

John Kohler

Debt collectors are cruel scrooge types who prey on defenseless unemployed.

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