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Thursday, March 26, 2015


Tim Glover

The consumer has no rights in Texas. Some lost person gives his opinion to outweigh all the facts and a bogus law appears?

My name is Tim Glover. My family breathed insulation particles for years
because of a law that makes the installation of A/C in mobile homes able to
avoid all codes and inspections. That law was quoted to cover very many
different provable wrongs for all A/C's. It got passed some how?
No one in the A/C trade or A/C licensing can state a single thing it does good
for any A/C. Over 35 very provable wrongs can be proved.
Most of those from all other states and Texas License and Regulation own rules
and regulations for all other A/C's in Texas.
It voids the warranty of all manufacturers of A/C equipment when this law is
obeyed. Nothing but negatives for this law.
This law has to be hidden I guess because it was quoted to cover deadly
insulation in my home. I have the case from TDLR records.
Their answer for the items complained about will shock you. It did me and I am
still looking for help to stop the abuse of the poorest homeowners in Texas.
Let me know if you want a little more info about some of the guaranteed health
hazards that are created by it's use.
Or the guaranteed damages that are caused from it. It is wrong and needs to be
stopped from being a law at all much less used on Texans and families of Texans.
The TDLR picked complaint issue and title case and then used title to state it
is legal without ever solving any complaint of visible dust that floated in the
air to go along with the long list of bad problems. It is hard to explain but it
is as wrong as it gets to be doing to anyone's home.
Not one A/C professional can state a reason for it. It is nothing but negatives
created and caused by it. It allows for massive problems to be passed off as no
problem because of where it comes from. Simple inspections and simple codes that
at least follow the manufacturers warranty instructions is all it needs.
Two of the most important for all other A/C's in this state and country. Safety
and damage prevention? Not allowed with this law.
I have the number of the law and my case if you want to check it out and help
stop the guaranteed mold that is caused from this law being used to set-up an
A/C. It is not legal anywhere else. It concerns a vast number of homeowners and
that might be the fear of all lawmakers?

Thank You Very Much,
Tim Glover

Jeff Sovern

I'm not aware of a compilation aggregating complaints across all the agencies, but I haven't looked. That would be interesting to know.

Matthew Bruckner

Jeff, is there any data on the number of complaints brought through state consumer protection agencies? As Alan Kaplinsky notes in his post, the CFPB doesn't occupy the entire field in responding to consumer complaints about, among other things, credit cards.

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