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Saturday, March 21, 2015


Tim Glover

Do you know of a place that can ask a few questions about the way my family and home got stuck with a deadly A/C system?
Called legal in mobile homes only in Texas. All manufacturers of Air conditioners void their warranties when used this way, "instantly".
Some very simple questions that can be answered very easily when honesty is used with FACTS? No one uses either one of those for all the good reasons
TO NEVER ALLOW very basic codes and laws that are made and used to PROTECT AMERICANS and TEXANS to be completely dismissed or overlooked to be able for such an ignorant law to be able to be enacted and used AGAINST HOMEOWNERS in Texas mobile homes "only".
That is the "only" place it is legal in the USA or Texas for sure. Sure no one likes to be told they did a sorry job or have their place look bad.
The TDLR A/C division did worse than a bad job here. It is apparent they can not face facts for sure because facts show that TDLR A/C division completely failed in protecting Texans and their families from such a horrid set-up. Set-up to fail. That is a fact that TDLR and others refuse to face BUT CAN NOT ANSWER FOR. Facts are hard to disprove with the lame opinion used by TDLR and their NON EXPERT A/C employees to MAKE A LAW that KILLS and destroys personal property of any HOMEOWNER who gets to try to fight a law that is answered with :it is "normal" in mobile homes "ONLY in Texas.
That is the ONE AND ONLY answer for any complaint to TDLR A/C about such a SCAM to pull on it's citizens. YES SCAM. FACTS ARE FACTS and who or what A/C professional would care to disagree with that STATEMENT of a FACT. Just to go along with ALL THE NOTHING BUT FACTS that PROVE THIS IS WRONG to commit on anyone's home, EVEN IN TEXAS. Very simple questions CAN but WILL NOT ever be used because the VERY SIMPLE ANSWERS (which are FACTS) PROVE JUST HOW WRONG THIS IS and the guaranteed nothing but NEGATIVE RESULTS "ARE PROVEN" with their own answers. The answers that are used to PROTECT ALL OTHER TEXANS HOMES from such an atrocity or SCAM. ALL the proof they already know and use to make just laws for everyone except the homeowner who gets stuck trying to care for the SET-UP that is left here and called legal with nothing but excuses to avoid any answers about anything at all. IT IS NORMAL AND LEGAL in mobile homes "only" in Texas. THAT IS IT. NOT ONE TDLR employee of the A/C division ever tried to answer because the true and correct answers to any basic question PROVES HOW WRONG THIS IS and THEY KNOW IT or they would not be the HIGHEST PLACE IN TEXAS to complain to about an A/C set-up that is deadly because of the insulation that they could care less about if it is in a mobile home and killing the homeowners family. They simply need to COVER THE BOGUS LAW with excuses. Answers (that they know well) prove how wrong this is TO EVERYONE who hears the true answers. Not just excuses like the "only" ones in USA and Texas that cover all except the homeowner and his family. Help if you can please? No one will even question anyone about it because of who the FACTS PROVE DID WRONG HERE and no telling how many other Texas families hear the famous line of TDLR and all A/C people involved "it is normal"?
There is no possible way that TDLR or any other professional can even have an EXCUSE for that. There is not one thing normal about the destruction and hazards caused and created by allowing an installation of A/C like here. There is no such thing as "normal" dust inside a home or A/C either one.
ANY other professional besides TDLR A/C knows it and can PROVE IT is not normal. 100% humidity IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES and guaranteed mold just from operating the unit are far from normal. The so-called EXTRA DUST that is caused is from NOT INSTALLING THE A/C correctly. There is a long list of caused hazards and created problems just from that alone. NOT ONE GOOD THING can even be thought up and created by the experts at TDLR A/C.
If it were possible they would have already. AND BE USING THAT instead of it is legal and normal for an answer to problems that are caused.
Problems that NO OTHER HOME IN TEXAS OR AMERICA has to deal with. Just like all the other manufactured home problems that normal and legal homeowners in Texas NEVER EVEN KNOW EXIST. Until they hear it on the news and go "oh that is awful". Those poor people? POOR LAWS and NO CODES that mean NOTHING except a way to pull a SCAM and CALL IT LEGAL. Get any A/C professional to give just plain answer to ANY OF THIS BELOW HERE. Then ask the lawmakers at TDLR "HOW CAN YOU DO THIS" to "only" a select group that YOU HAVE CHOSEN FOR ABUSE and NON PROTECTION? The safe laws and codes that all other homeowners in Texas rely and count on. So what if a mobile home is built to fall apart? It does not need to let deadly actions take place too boot. Deadly A/C called legal just to STOP ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL about the SCAM and set-up of A/C because that was all their answers for the deadly insulation that got "included" with the bogus law used for nothing but covering up the SET-UP of incorrectly installed A/C in mobile homes "only".

Texas can help it's citizens gain back it's trust. In the places where trust is essential for all and needed.

There is no need for embarrassment. There is no need for lose of employment. The ones who had anything to do with this will have to live the rest of their lives trying to live with what they have done to my family. It is probably to late to avoid the embarrassment now because of me. I never wanted anything from anyone except them to see what has happened here. They caused deadly insulation by bad work and bad law.
The ones that did it know who they are and they NEED TO be made aware of what it has cost my family. Once they are made aware to what their work has done then they will have the problem of telling them selves it is OK and LEGAL in mobile homes only for an answer? I don't care what is done with them because they will face their own punishments. I don't care about that.
Why does no one care? Deadly insulation inside air conditioning. Because of missing duct work.
There needs to be changes made somehow. The laws are pretty clear that protect all of your homes when it comes to duct work connections.
Especially buried inside insulation.
The duct work was deadly here. Changes need to be made for a few others just to make sure it can not happen TO THEIR BRAND NEW HOME and A/C system.
Maybe even equal changes somehow?
I tried long ago to keep it Texas issue as soon as TDLR had lame answers I went to Doggett. I did not know that it was not federal enough?
Everyone has their laws for inside air? The EPA does for sure. They are too busy. Texas EPA might go by the same inside air codes?
My family has been placed in the middle of a game that is deadly for us only. A game of lawmakers ability to abuse the power they had. This has got to be a very old law that allows such abuse of the people and their homes.
How can anyone be proud to stand behind a law that allows this to happen to Texans?
Some change needs to happen.
Not because I want it but so it can not be used against the rights of every Texas citizen there is. There are families that matter here. But only if it is your family? I do not want anything except the God given rights that this state has for us? I should not be the one begging for help. I should be the one all are asking if they can help me and Texas people to make sure it stops? DEADLY INSULATION got called legal inside my A/C system.
There needs to be a place that does not care about politics and gets the right thing done for the people of this state.
Mine was deadly insulation while all made excuses and quoted a law. If that is happening now to others it needs to stop? They all get told it is normal and legal if any comment or complaint?
By professionals and license givers. The only ones available to trust for answers?
Just because you are angry about the way this all got delivered to you should be no reason to not do the right thing for the people of Texas?
This should have never left the offices in Texas that all denied any help at all?
It seemed more like a team effort to avoid and dismiss it all.
If it would have been a filter issue it would have been forgotten very easy.
This is wrong and all of you who have heard anything about it know it is.
You should have the power to do a simple change or the right change either one will be better than what is allowed to happen now and get passed off as legal without ever seeing what you are saying is OK, LEGAL, and NORMAL. The TDLR man even took photos of down hall way etc to photo the dust he could clearly see and swore he would make sure to let them know how bad it was. In 2001. After the place that installed it and should have had a warranty or some kind of guarantee on their work never returned. Are they used to hearing complaints too?
IT WAS INSULATION. What do you need? TDLR A/C division had all they needed and years to come up with their lame answer for it?
Blame the filters for all the problems and then say it is legal in mobile homes only to have the filters a certain way?
Excessive dust that never goes away was my complaint to every contact. Quote the law and case closed for them, Legal in mobile homes only.
What about the dust that never goes away? What about the many other problems in complaint?

I do not know what to do but I will not stop. I am sorry one more time for who I have offended.
I can not help that. Put any of your families where mine has been put. In deadly insulation. Would you dare stop? Simple changes to some PRETTY SIMPLE LAWS.
Simple changes can cause very much uplift in the way Texas looks for problems to SOLVE for it's citizens. The uplift would be the way an entire state of citizens LOOKS at the people who they placed where they are to protect them? From what? It might uplift employees to make a change for the better?
Maybe just a little pride in their work by doing it right? Who taught them the wrong way to do it?
Open market on peoples lives is not the way in the eyes of all?
Everyone says we are watching you etc.. Are they? I do not know who is watching who? And for what?
I don't know what to do except seek help. I have offended very many because of that now? If these emails are not getting anywhere then what good is an email to anyone's office? To delete before reading, red flag it etc.. I don't know.
Everything got more and more transparent but why and for who? I guess that is the kind of remarks that keep me in trouble?
Even without cussing? I do not attend church every Sunday. But God is there and in my heart no matter how it may sound by the time you hear what I have to say. Everyone is so caught up in their own deceit and wrong doings that they automatically think scam. Or more protection for a case that they lost anyway?
Is that because SCAM has been placed there by our news people? That seems to be the most important thing to discuss?
You can not go on the internet without someone trying to scam you.
Our politics and our people have made scam a very often used word. Put the truth where it belongs and the scams will surface without having to push them out with bad false stories? I have wrote things that I would have never done against people like TDLR. I was just like every other Texan here. They know what they are talking about and you can rely on that because they MAKE TEXAS SAFE for us.
I don't know how to speak clearly to you if you are not getting a clear message of the help you need to give back to a state and it being able to say we are for the people of this state? Did all those people throughout history die for this to be able to happen?
Were they wasting their time and lives for it? We sure enjoy it now don't we? Show Texas that you want your children to be able to COUNT ON IT. Not debate it. More time? Now my family is paying the price for the errors of others. Others who can not even be questioned about it?
Someone read that constitution that Texas has and the one USA has? Those people were not here for greed. They were not here for money. Sure they all wanted it but that is not what the words of both have anything to do with is it?

How can someone get a law/code to that makes or amends an old law?
Just make sure new construction of "any residential A/C duct work is inspected" before used in
Texas and in Texans homes. I don't know if it needs the manpower to enact it?
Lots of places work shorthanded because of budgets etc.. Don't let our budgets get in the way of things like this.
Things that should not even have to be discussed about weather they should be done or not? I don't know? Budgets should not be the issue for decisions like that? If a state can give for it's people why would the state not expect many great returns for doing it's citizens justice?
Justice is hard to find and usually cost the ones seeking it the most. The ones who get justice are not in it for the greed.
The ones who refuse to give justice are in it for what reason? I don't know but the people of our country need to stand up for just a little Texas justice that as an independent and as a part of US have written it can be gotten? There is no justice if it is over a lie or deceit? Justice is doing
the people right for the justice they give to all so easy to be able to get justice and expect it in return.
It should not take much time.
Very simple law for all to obey with no problems at all?
Someone needs to be responsible for Texas.
Just make sure it is safe before it is used? I don't know how to do that.

I hope and pray that it is not asking too much for justice to be served?
There are enough problems in this world today that we do not need to create our own. Many of us face very many problems and to add to those is wrong
if it is because justice is out of sight or impossible to be gained by a "crazy man"? Brand him and that makes it easier to deny all of justice? For the budget? A person that suffers his whole life seeking justice from places that do not give it under any reason? Does not need to spend the rest of their lives trying to get what should not have to be looked for?
I do not know how to say or do a lot of things but I guarantee you one thing if Texas can give justice it will be good enough to call itself independent and proud of it? There is a different name for being independent and making laws like this for just the peons I think.
Texas will prosper with justice. If anyone doubts that, Why?
Justice does need to be broadcast and I have probably ruined other peoples lives by trying to get it. It should be expected to happen all the time and it would not even bother the news with things that the news overuses for it's own gains or time consumption or whatever.
Peoples lives are not toys for the few to play with. When things like constitutions say WE the People? Who are they talking about?
Why do they even bother saying and quoting that stuff if it only applies to the few?
I'm sure I have made more enemies now than ever but I do not know what to do except ask for help. Our society has made greed and distrust the #1 items on the news and every commercial on TV and from peoples mouths. Everyone always has a bad story to tell about someone or something else.
Lies face us everyday. Do not ignore lies but see the truth that those lies protect?
We need to make that Lone Star Proud and still mean something to the world today. Our country seems to be having trouble with that?
I don't know but Americans should not have to hang their heads because of the distress the laws cause in their homes.

I don't know anything except that I want justice for what has happened here. Deadly insulation because of bad law and shameful deadly work.
A man should not have to die to get the justice that millions have already died for to ensure it can be gotten? I have said many things and most out of anger but the anger never started until justice's wheels have had a block
on who it is good for or not. Justice is for all and maybe with a little religion why we need it and expect it. And mean what we say when referring to peoples justices in Texas. Not just quotes to get off the subject or avoid it completely?

Subject: A "few" FACTS that are ignored by TDLR A/C Division to enact a law that ALLOWS all this to happen to one (SPECIFIC) home only in Texas.
IT IS ALL ILLEGAL and AGAINST CODES in every other building in Texas and the USA. This might be one of those kinds of laws that got passed like Obama is doing and everyone hates it? This one probably got passed on someones opinion that it is OK? Omitting lots of facts to get it passed?

Laws that do not follow any constitution are in full effect on the poorest
Texans there are today.

I ended up with 24/7 insulation dust being drawn into the A/C system.
Missing duct work- gap covered over in tape. Under the floor buried in exterior insulation.
The TDLR said I had a filter problem and that is what a case was opened for. I went to highest place to solve problem and they were trusted.
The filters do have their own list of problems I guess is why that was named the problem for my complaint about missing duck work.
The law that made this able to happen and cause 10 years of excuses given for exposure to deadly insulation dust 24/7 needs to change.
Quoted law and that was all they needed to close case after about 1-1/2 years.
Deadly insulation is what was coming into our home. Along with the other problems that TDLR A/C division wanted me to complain about also.

Fact, Warranties are voided by all major manufacturers of all A/C in America.
Fact, Mold is caused.
Now that is just a few reasons that millions of Texans do not deserve this to
happen to them.
FACT, No one can find another place that the same set-up of A/C is "legal" for
peoples homes.
In Texas? In America? Anywhere? Dog pounds?

FACT, This concerns possibly millions of Texans.
FACT, Other states L&R offices all have at least the basic rules and safety of
FACT, Millions in Texas are denied the basics for just one reason so far- "it's
legal in mobile homes only". That was the answer for all the problems I had?
FACT, Millions have probably got the set-up of filters that cause mold and
damages because of where and how they are used.
FACT, It is impossible to have a sealed system at all.
FACT, Keeping it in no other place to investigate except TDLR made it
impossible to do anything.

FACT, No one will even consider a case because TDLR (the only L&R)says it is
legal to be done in mobile homes "only"
FACT, The companies that did all this damage to my family's lungs and to my A/C
could not be sued.

Please help me get a fair trial and a case handled that uses facts and not
ancient laws to hide behind and give lame answers to all questions.
FACT, We breathed insulation.
FACT, There has to be a law somewhere that includes all people in the USA and
Texas Constitutions for protection.
Especially the one for Texas. It is for Texans.
Who is responsible for what?

FACT, I have nothing to hide. Laws protect the VERY PROVEN wrongs here. Why?

FACT, Other states L& R offices would "never make it legal" and would never
condone it for use.
FACT, Ten years of insulation dust while all stalled and gave lame answers or
no answers at all FACT, I have never stopped complaining and filing every case
I could.

FACT, TDLR took 1-1/2 years to say: "it is legal" but in mobile homes "ONLY"! A
thirty second answer, NOT 1-1/2 YEARS.

FACT, Both of the cases I did manage to get open at TDLR were not solved at
all. They were hidden behind "it is legal in Manufactured homes "only" case
FACT, I can clearly prove how wrong just the filter use is. When they blamed it all on the filters causing problems.
Fact, The missing tie-in is illegal anywhere. That was the deadly problem causing it all.
FACTS all overruled with :it is legal in mobile homes "only" .
FACT, That quote from TDLR is the one that made me start asking "other places".

FACT, TDLR was the place I thought every Texan could depend and rely on for the
FACT, My family breathed insulation while loop holes in the administrative laws
being abused.

FACT, TDLR can not find, to this day, a single thing good about what they stand
behind for others and call legal in mobile homes only. NOT ONE POSITIVE it can
or ever will do for people, places, or things? IN ANY WAY AT ALL?
FACT, It would NOT COST anyone one extra cent to install it all correctly and
up to correct codes for homes and residences. FACT, NOT ONE CENT TO DO IT
FACT, They all "know" they are doing it wrong now if ever worked on A/C or got
license for A/C.

Can you help with a few of these FACTS?
#1 FACT, My family breathed insulation for ten years because we followed the
laws used for that decision.

#2 FACT, A completely missing tie-in in the 2010 complaint all answered with "it
is legal in mobile homes "only".

#3 FACT, Some of the things that TDLR "insisted" I complain about.
The FACT that filters create and cause damages to happen because of how used.
Facts all ignored by administrative laws created laws not needed by any
Fact, Provable wrongs all endorsed and stood behind by users of administrative

A. FACT, Mold is caused because of the filters location.
B. FACT, Impossible to have a sealed system that is the law and code, the normal
for every A/C in America and Texas. Except, of course, mobile homes "only".
FACT, The manufacturers NORMAL "must haves" are impossible to achieve.

C. FACT, Illegal for everywhere in USA except manufactured homes here.
D. FACT, It causes health hazards.
E. FACT, It Creates damages to all air handler parts. FACT, It looses efficacy.
F. FACT, It Waste energy. Runs much longer than what a "normal" A/C ever would.
G. FACT, It Can not run as cool because it exchanges heat in the "wrong places".
H. FACT, It is Impossible to filter the entire system and entire home. Every
square inch of both.
I. FACT, It is Guaranteed to wear out equipment prematurely.
J. FACT, It VOIDS warranties of all major A/C manufacturers.

That is just a few but laws are quoted to "only"
cover it all. Saying It is LEGAL In manufactured homes "only".

H. FACT, All other HVAC laws/codes for every other place A/C is used "forbid it"
to be able happen or used anywhere.

FACT, It is illegal and system is shut down until installed correctly?
FACT, It is Not allowed to start up "at all".

FACT, ANYWHERE ELSE, except a new manufactured home that has a law that simply
says "it is legal" to incorrectly A/C.
FACT, Employees learn how to do it wrong, yet call it legal in Manufactured
homes "only".
FACT, What do they need to worry about the law has their back for completely
missing tie-ins and completely missing filter assembly and rack. All called
legal but in "manufactured homes only".
FACT, Out of all the air conditioning in this entire country a manufactured
home is the "only" place that is subjected to such injustices and misuse of

FACT, The only defense that was ever given all went to Clayton Homes, Action
Aire, & TDLR A/C div.
FACT, Not one of them has been able to come up with just a reason ,much less a
good reason, to use this incorrectly installed A/C system on any A/C equipment,
home,office,zoo,storeroom,barn, etc.. you name it!

FACT, All stand behind case closed because "we say so" and "it's legal" in
mobile homes "only" in Texas.

FACT, Nice way to make sure it never gets past TDLR for ANY REASON?

FACT, The TDHCA CEO agreed with all I had to say. He had to add this for the
rest of his
answer: I am not allowed to have an opinion about "anything that has to do with
A/C in mobile homes".
FACT, That is the CEO of the mobile home division and concerns every square
inch of homes he protects?

#4 FACT, I don't care about all of #3's. Filters "only".
Someone needs to be responsible for what happened to my family.

FACT, You all can see a few things that following the law "created here".
FACT, There are definitely more things that can be added as negatives to #3
if these are not enough to think about helping out with.
FACT, A long list of negatives caused and created can be obtained from TDLR.
The same place that
"IGNORES" their "OWN CODES AND LAWS OF PROTECTION" but manufactured homes is the
"only place it is legal" to ignore basic codes of safety for people, equipment,
environment. FACT, All in one.
FACT, But "only" one place.

#5 FACT, Those things on #3 made it very easy for TDLR A/C to quote a law
WITHOUT EVER seeing what
was really here.
FACT, I found out a few things that are true because TDLR A/C division insisted
I had
a filter case to prove wrong to them first.
FACT, All ignored because it proves too much is being DONE WRONG with HVAC in
mobile homes "ONLY" in
TEXAS "only".
FACT, Excess dust is definitely caused by the filters misuse and abuse.
FACT, That is why TDLR A/C division has quote of:
"it is normal in manufactured homes in Texas". Not Any Other License and
Regulation Office says that.
FACT,It is "never considered normal" in "ANY" code or A/C system set-up in USA
FACT, Even more basically, we need to reclaim the vocabulary of the law.

FACT, Rather than speak of Administrative Law, we should say Administrative
Power or
more solidly of Extra-legal, Supra-legal, and Consolidated power.
FACT, Then we can at least recognize the dangers that can be caused and
FACT, You can see a good example of that here.
FACT, My family breathed insulation dust from exterior insulation used for
FACT, It never went away until missing metal used to hang duct was found
completely missing.
Please tell the Texas Senate to make someone responsible for
what has happened to my family because people worked laws instead of common
sense and FAIR LAWS were eliminated for our home "only".

A little more that needs looking at with open eyes and an open Senate or however
it gets to be heard by someone.
FACT, No one else will even discuss how bad it is.
Fact, They all agree but say they can not disagree with TDLR "it is legal in
mobile homes" in Texas only.
FACT, Deceptive Trade Practices are not right even if there is a law to "allow
it" in one home "only".
FACT, It is ILLEGAL for the rest of America and Texas including all the zoos
that use
HVAC for their Animals.
FACT, Because it causes health hazards and it damages the HVAC system simply by
being used.
FACT, My family breathed insulation for ten years because
I had to take the answer of TDLR that it was legal and normal for a manufactured
FACT, I found the missing tie-in GAP that was all covered over with
tape to hide the void of metal ten years after the TDLR decision about all my
complaining about dust in my NEW HOME. FACT, We had insulation in our home 24/7.

FACT, Air Quality = Impossibly to have.
FACT, Health Hazards=GUARANTEED to occur.
FACT, HVAC Manufacturers requirements NOT MET. Warranties instantly voided when

FACT, Insulation in my home for ten years.
FACT, Caused by the HVAC system "not having metal tie-in to cover a
total void and then hung metal duct with "nothing but tape"
completely unsealed in any way, from inside ductwork(that is illegal everywhere
in Texas) except Manufactured Homes ONLY.

VERY LARGE FACT, A modular home is "identical" but it has a "different name"
placed on it so it
is illegal just like all other HVACs of America and Texas. "Modular",
"Manufactured", please let TDLR explain why one makes it illegal to have unsafe
air like all others and one
simply ignores standards.
FACT, Guaranteed to Cause mold and water in places that should never be wet.
FACT, It should be kept dry by proper installation of tie-ins and filtered
correctly with
"SEALED FILTERS" that DO STAY DRY because they must be kept dry to operate
correctly and how they are designed to do. F
FACT, To trap dust and particles and to be dry.
FACT, That is the filter TDLR insisted the entire case was about in 2001.

FACT, Never one A/C person or case worker from A/C division ever here to find
FACT, Or ever look at what they had convinced them selves was a filter
FACT, They just knew because they are professionals that with the set-up
filters it had a long LIST OF PROBLEMS that are GUARANTEED TO OCCUR
with nothing but use of the equipment.

FACT, In 2010 the true cause of all the complaints was discovered.
FACT, While repairing damages caused by filters misuse and abuse.
FACT, The missing metal at major connection part and connection of duct work to
duct with.
FACT, The bottom of home insulation is sealed very well with EPA for road
proofing for all
the insulation to not be able to escape.
FACT, That caused the duct to have a constant draw on taped up gap to let
insulation be drawn into the
system from under floor.
FACT, The dust never stopped or ever went away until this was temporarily
waiting on TDLR to decide what they were "not going to do" about anything.
FACT, The dust has never returned and the temporary repair is still there
fine and never has needed anything except a filter change about every FOUR
FACT, Just one filter not two like TDLR insist to change two filters every two
FACT, Filters that are useless and cause troubles if followed the TDLR method.

FACT, Every complaint ever made was answered with "it is legal". Then the
through of "in mobile homes "ONLY".
Why would they themselves put that word there for air quality of the people?
(all the people)
WHO CARES? FACT, I care about the insulation that we breathed for ten years
while all
made excuses and stalled it out completely because it concerned a law that ends
with the word "ONLY" tacked on to it?

FACT, Everybody is sure busy with "not being able to have the constitution on
side", when it is needed. Even amendments can't lie this bad? legally?

FACT, Not one good reason to ever install the four ton HVAC in this method can
given by "ANYONE" in A/C trade. Including the TDLR who made the law for some

Including the constitution and common laws the people should all be entitled to
equally when it comes to being wrong and misleading for having the laws at all
about it?

FACT, The insulation is the worst kind because it is made for exterior use.
FACT, All overlooked because of an invented BOGUS LAW?
FACT, All decided "it is legal" in manufactured homes "only".

FACT, Insulation floating freely in every room of home can never be legal the
way it
was here and never discovered TRUE CAUSE until ten years late because following
professional advice of the TDLR to change two filters every two weeks. To lower
the SO CALLED "normal Dust" is what TDLR quoted it is done for.

FACT, EVERY MAJOR Manufacturer of HVAC instantly voids their warranty when
filters are not used
correctly to seal the system and TRAP ALL particles flowing through one end to
the other of air handler and all duct work.

FACT, The method "made legal" by TDLR for manufactured homes "only" might as
well not use
filters at all.
FACT, It will work just as good and safe as fake filtering that is legal now.
FACT, "MADE" it "LEGAL" for our homes only.

FACT, Not one person or office with TDLR, Not one person HVAC specialist, Not
HVAC manufacturer, Not one person in the world can come up with just "ONE" SMALL
"good" item it does for any A/C parts or any people living around that
contaminated A/C system called legal.
FACT, but never in any other home in Texas except a manufactured home.

FACT, Not one person or office of TDLR ever gave any reason at all to even have
made legal for a families HVAC system.
FACT, Zoos, Self Storage units, anything with
A/C , it is against installation and operation codes. But not here? WHY?
FACT, There are at least 35 very good reasons to NEVER use tape inside the
ductwork and hang metal duct with aluminum
tape from inside.
FACT, Over 35 five, destructive and hazardous reasons can be proven not just
suggested it "could" happen. It happens. FACT, NOT ONE POSITIVE COMMENT CAN BE
BY TDLR just to show there MIGHT BE SOMETHING GOOD ABOUT THE "self destruct"
SET-UP made legal.

FACT, Totally WRONG,Problem causing, Power waste, Parts waste, Hazardous to
entire home and family.
Why do you think a lot of doctors ask: Do you live in a
mobile home? As PART of their examination to explain the excess humidity in
lungs. Or just to see if you should get some help eliminating it from your
lungs. Dr. does not know how it gets there he just knows IT IS THERE for mobile
homes only. He probably thinks it is because of metal?

FACT, It is legal. Nothing more, case closed.
And that answer to solve it all and all bad KNOWN facts is: IT IS LEGAL AND
FACT, TDLR always used a lot of emphasis on the word "ONLY" when making bogus
laws for
manufactured homes "only".

FACT, the main complaint was the missing tie-in causing insulation in our home.
Missing metal section in duct covered over with tape and hidden under floor in
insulation. All covered with "it is legal in manufactured homes ONLY". NOT ONE
ANSWER to very legitimate questions that can be answered very simply with a yes
or no. Some as simple as this,
Can this DAMAGE the HVAC unit? FACT,YES
Can this create health hazards? FACT,YES

FACT, TDLR can NOT PROVE this set-up is safe for ANY HVAC unit in the
world that has people.
I know they can't prove it, here in America but have the
power to enforce it without questions by anyone except the family that breathed
insulation for ten years.
FACT, "it is legal" for my family to breath it because we purchased a "new"
home. It took 1-1/2 years to say :it's legal"-case closed.

FACT, Every Reputable HVAC using country in the entire world does NOT AGREE.
FACT, They know that it is unsafe,
inefficient, un protective in any way for the air handler or residents.
FACT, My family breathed insulation for ten years while TDLR dodged all the
facts of
the laws they had "made" legal in manufactured homes "ONLY" HVAC installation.
FACT, THE STANDARDS ( by all A/C Companies) are dismissed COMPLETELY to be
able to
make this a legal law.

FACT, It is impossible to Tie-in Metal duct by covering the open gap with tape
inside duct to simply HIDE IT. Hide the missing metal.

FACT, Impossible to Hang duct runs with tape from floor plenum as done here and
legal. The tape covered over the dropping gap left from missing metal.
Total gap where should be NOTHING BUT solid metal.

FACT, Two 50' long full size metal ducts connected by nothing but tape.

FACT, Legal in mobile homes only is what I was told I could do about it.
All the true causes of so much insulation particles not just the invented and
called normal dust they expect from filter misuse. I had excessive dust that never went away.
FACT, 24/7 even when A/C not running it still hung in the air and TDLR knew how
bad it was by the
reaction of the "mobile home division inspector" they sent here in 2001 to check
years of complaining to all.
YET the "only fact" ever given by the A/C division
is "NO ONE" except TDLR A/C Division is allowed to check A/C's.
FACT, It shocked him. FACT, He had no idea what he was looking for but when he
called the office
they told him it was just the filters "getting broke in" because he showed them
photos of the dusty particles sitting on a/c parts and home surfaces.

FACT, That is all the A/C division needed to close this case completely and
answer up to any of the wrongs that were committed here.

FACT, There just might be a whole lot more Texans who have the large A/C that
waste energy, gets dirty way
too fast, causes mold, causes moisture in all the wrong places, exchanges heat
with unfiltered air on every coil loop and side of assembly metal.
Impossible to filter the unit or home. Impossible to have a sealed unit.
A self destruct set-up.
FACT, There should not be a law that let my family breath insulation. I
complained as
high up as possible in the state of Texas. FACT, Once TDLR says it's legal, IT
OVER. For all lawyers
and state offices for some reason. FACT, No common sense allowed or it sure
never be legal here just like the rest of our state and country.
FACT, "It is legal" is the total and "ONLY" answer for all of what has happened

FACT, Any "other answers" to questions start to show very quickly why there
should not
be a law that has LEGAL IN MANUFACTURED HOMES NEW A/C "ONLY". The air coming out
of that HVAC is just as important as every other Texans air. My children and
grandson breathed this crap. It is important for it not to CAUSE PROBLEMS that
are guaranteed to occur.
All of you people look at a manufactured home and see it as very cheap?
This was our new home. This was insulation down our lungs 24/7 because every one
called it normal and
legal WITHOUT LOOKING At it in person once. NOT ONCE. 2010 case about discovered
missing tie-in and
hanging metal duct with tape, TDLR never sent even mobile home division
cameraman this time. No one. Ever.
FACT, I pleaded with inspector to come see it so I could repair it.

FACT, The true and correct laws and CODES for all HVAC installation and care
need to be
followed for us also. The safe ones.
NO INSULATION being "CAUSED" and moldy health hazards created.
NO SELF DESTRUCT caused simply by running the unit.

The normal safe ones that all other Texans and Americans can Rely On & "COUNT ON" being
done right.

They refused to let me come to TDLR meetings or a hearing about my case at
all, even when pleaded with.
FACT, All decisions and made from behind desk and closed doors WITHOUT EVER

Tim Glover

Matthew Bruckner

Thanks for the update.

Perhaps he means that if the CFPB keeps returning such huge sums to consumers and protecting consumers so well that it'll run out of work to do. Working yourself out of a job = unsustainable?

As to transparency and accountability. Perhaps he means that the CFPB won't tell him when they are going to go after his clients (transparency) and that he cannot prevent them from doing so (accountability)?

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