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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Docile Jim Brady „ the Nemo Me ☺ Impune Lacessit guy in Oregon ‼

Re “impossible”

As I recall , heart transplants were once considered “impossible”•

I could go on , but would die of old age and carpal tunnel before I could finish ☺

Bob Cat

Hi, I'm from the technical community, and I can help.

Blanking out the real names in the database is trivial. I would also put in random passwords so there is no danger of people logging in with their old screen names.

Anyone who wanted to continue commenting with their real names would have to sign up for a new account; there will be no collision with the old one since it was scrubbed of real names.

"When we want to implement a new way of operating, I have no patience at all with the statement that "the computer can't do it that way." I know that such a statement is invariably false. What it really means is that the computer system was designed in too inflexible a manner and the computer programmers feel that it is too much trouble to reprogram." - John G. Kemeny, co-inventor of BASIC, president of Dartmouth, MAN AND THE COMPUTER [1972].

How much is avoiding a lawsuit worth to them? You can pass on my email address to them, or to whomever sues them, when plaintiff's attorney needs an expert witness.

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