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Friday, November 02, 2018


Edwin Bell

Consumers are facing unfair advantages by media and courts when defending or filing claims as plaintiffs or attempting to obtain some form of justice. When evidence is hidden, overlooked, ignored, and neglected by courts the only option is to publish facts and evidence for the world to view. More and more unfair court ruling are destroying consumers in favor of corrupt and or bought/paid in full courts. The only way to help level the playing field is to expose the corruption of hiding evidence which helps defendants prove their cases, albeit without a fair ruling.

Far too often defendants are treated with disdain, harsh, unfair and unjust rulings to stop them from winning or proving their cases. Exposing some of the difficulties through online reporting allows consumers to at least present the truth to the public and the world. America has become a very unjust and uncivilized country when attempting to obtain justice against corporations or very powerful oppositions is nearly impossible due to corruption and misuse of the law.

Citizens have lost their rights and the Rules, Statutes, and Constitution no longer apply to MOST ordinary Americans. It is just a matter of time before our entire system will collapse under corruption. Most consumers or citizens don't engage in reading the terrible opinions/Rulings coming from not only state courts, but Federal Courts and the Supreme Court.

Justice is now further away from reality than ever in our history and in time will reveal the facts and truth about our unconstitutional court system. Most attorneys who oppose the corruption find themselves either threatened by their state bar, law schools, and perhaps find themselves literally disbarred. Unfortunately, this is where our nation is now and there will probably be no going back.

"SO CALLED Defamation" is the expression of a population that has no alternatives to seeking justice in America except using online media to communicate to the world. We will more than likely disintegrate into a far worse system of injustice and inequity. Most corporations or Public officials claim of Defamation is actually some decent citizens claim of unfairness and injustice.

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