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Wednesday, March 06, 2019


Edwin Bell

That's probably due to the recent investments into e-cigarettes by big tobacco. Obviously e-cigarettes are a sague into smoking tobacco which is the goal of the purveyors of the product. Most likely Scott Gottlieb was under pressure from not only lobbyists, but probably members of the administration. The evidence that America has become one of the most corrupt nations in the world is overwhelming to many citizens. It's a well-known fact that practically all politicians are involved in receiving graft from corporations who require allegiance and favoritism from Congress. Our Representatives in Washington are selling votes to maintain the status quo and retain their power in Congress. Soon America will collapse under the weight of corruption as evidenced by the exponential growth of the national debt. Until we punish politicians,Judges, and corporations for their very obvious crimes being committed openly and notoriously we will continue to spiral into the abyss. The e-cigarette issue involving Scott Gottlieb is just another incident exposing corruption regardless of the spin assigned by officials who willing to cover-up the for nefarious behavior by corporations.

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