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Monday, March 07, 2022



>The complaint is replete with signs of indiscriminate bullying.

such as?

Chris Chong

I would like to ask the author of this piece, In your view, what would a legitimate DMCA case look like? Can creators of original works ever hope to have their works legitimately protected?

Robert King

The Watchtower's campaign against bloggers and vloggers is very selective. For the past 20 years I have maintained a website that is critical of the Watchtower. In 2005 I hired a mailing company and sent an 8-page letter to every kingdom hall in the US outlining the Watchtower's hypocritical NGO partnership with the UN. At that time I only had a small number of undeliverable letters. Over the years, though, as I engaged on more mailouts the numbers changed. The kingdom halls started pulling the mailboxes. I am not joking. Elders were evidently quietly instructed to use their home addresses for correspondence.

In 2005 I published a book entitled Jehovah Himself Has Become King and sent 100 copies to branch offices and headquarters personnel. No response. On my website, I have made heavy use of WT graphics and videos from JW broadcast and even used their songs to introduce some of my podcasts and commentaries. I was trying to bait them into coming after me for copyright infringement. I want them to. They won't though, because to do so would be an acknowledgment of my existence, and worse for them, it would publicize my message. So, instead of going after someone who is a real critic, who would give them a real fight, one who effectively uses the Bible to expose them, they go after people who play with legos.

Robert King - e-Watchman

Chrissa Labeau

It is curious that I do not see these kinds of cases happening in Canada. I am wondering about these bloggers/vloggers and Youtubers basing themselves here in Canada or have a Canadian Youtube group post their works so that they are out of the reach of Watchtower NY and its sinister hijacking of the American judicial system. And, as I mentioned before, there needs to be far more public attention on this. Why not contact Douglas Quenqua, Journalist at The Atlantic, and David Gambacorta, Journalist at The Phillipdelphia Inquirer (plus any others who might be willing to report on this robber baron type exploitation of the American judicial system). It is time to start a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the fight, piggyback onto any other media reporting on the JW's and add commentary on this - keep the discussion going using public forums and comment sections to bring this to the public's attention.

Chrissa Labeau

I would like to see the law firm Zalkin, who are representing so many ex-JW sexual abuse survivors, and who are familiar with this cult's practices, structure and tactics, start a branch office just for ex-JW legal issues. They are already winning many multi-million dollar suits for victims. It might be feasible for them to create a legal internship program where junior lawyers could be supported while taking on these intimidation cases pro bono. When the case succeeds, the firm is reimbursed. Further, this specialized team launches a class action suit on behalf of all of the poor victims of this kind of religious mafia lawsuit tactic. The idea would be to keep growing as a single force to place the Watchtower itself on the defensive instead. I would also love to see this information become publicized so that Americans know that free speech has been effectively stifled and that the law is being bought by big business (in this case, big "high control religion" business) so that ordinary citizens cannot speak out. It is positively Orwellian and Americans need to know about this.

Chrissa Labeau

Possible resources would be: legal think tanks made up of ivy league law students and paralegals who would be under the supervision of a qualified professor or lawyer. The students would do the leg work, study the cases, write public reports about them. The professor would do the actual work that requires a qualified lawyer. The students would do this out of their interest in those areas of law. Further, students who work on community news, blogs, student bulletin boards and other public media outlets could also participate. It would be encouraged that students actually attend the courtrooms to see just what this very wealthy "high control" religion is doing with all that money. I would love to see "guest lawyers" who are interested in contributing to the education field, volunteer a small portion of their time, perhaps a couple of hours per month, to this cause.

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