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Friday, May 13, 2022



Since the mid-90s, the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society (or Watch Tower) has engaged in a campaign to destroy their old literature, revise their history and hunt down dissidents who expose their dark secrets (by "hunting down" I mean identifying them, then labeling them "Apostates" to prevent the rank-and-file members from discovering these dark secrets). But every year, these efforts to suppress dissidents prove to be ineffective as thousands of Jehovah Witnesses continue to leave the church after discovering the real truth about "The Truth".
Just as a simple example... in an effort to establish its legitimacy as God's ONLY true religion on earth, (amongst many other false teachings and revisionist history) the Watchtower teaches its members today that, before 1914, the "Bible Students" looked forward to that year (1914) as the year that Jesus would take the throne. But if you're lucky enough to get your hands on hard copies of genuine Watchtower literature printed before 1914 (that hasn't been destroyed yet by the Watchtower) you would quickly discover that this is completely false. In fact, what you'll find is that the Bible students were being taught that Jesus had taken the throne in 1874 and it wasn't until 1929 that this teaching was "revised". But 'time' and the internet have proven to be the Watchtower's worse enemies (not the dissidents who expose their lies or infringe on their "copy rights").

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