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Saturday, June 11, 2022


James D Doerfler

My experience with getting the BAG was 4 hours on the phone, a missed train out of London (waiting on said bag on day 3) and a quick shopping trip for socks and underwear. My experience with getting COMPENSATED has been 60 days with no response to the initial claim, or a response to the second claim, a 2 hour hold on the phone, an online claim system that can't find the reference number -- and so far 90 minutes today waiting on a text response in their messaging system.

Max Brauer

My experience with Delta is that they only guarantee they will get you and your luggage (perhaps not together) to a specific destination at some general point in time. Might be a different plane at a different time (or day) flight. Might have to wait a day of two for your bags. Might have damaged possessions. But your body and possessions will get there eventually. And they'll compensate you for the hassle, perhaps even giving you a free ticket or refund or something like that. But the hassle just isn't worth it.

Paul Levy

A similar consumer experience was the origin story for my first domain name case: my client Bill Porta's luggage disappeared when he was on his way (via Alitalia) to be the best man at a friend's wedding. The result was The site is no longer available but you can read it on the Wayback Machine

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